Wellington Crafty Walking Tour

Saturday 11th May 2019 - midday (ish) start


We're following in the footsteps of one of our most prestigious members who crafted their own flavour of beer tours. Since the experience was so enjoyable, the Rt Hon Ministers (Messrs Robertson & Horner) have concocted an invitation-only hoppy delight as an equivalent for you to enjoy.

We're off on a walking tour to take in a handful of the best ale establishments in Wellington, and we invite you to join us - by all means bring a buddy or two along to enjoy the experience.

This will be a military-style timed event, courtesy of our shadow Finance Minister, Hon Phil Archer (not sure how long that'll last, but we'll give it our best shot!)

  • Start here at 12:00 (ish)

    Garage Project, 91 Aro Street

    We'll start here, aiming for a midday start. There's bound to be a few late arrivals (Mike), so we'll wait a while meeting and greeting before we head off to the next destination …
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  • Arrival at 12:45 pm

    Heyday Beer Co., 264a Cuba St

    A brisk 10 minute walk Heyday for a graze and a pint. About an hour should do it, provided the staff can serve us promptly.
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  • Arrival at ~2:15 pm

    HUSK, 62 Ghuznee St

    5 minutes walk from Heyday to catch the next bar …
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  • 3 pm

    Little Beer Quarter

    A lazy 10 minute walk to LBQ …
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  • 4:45 pm

    Hashigo Zake

    Uncle Google says about 7 minutes, but I think it'll take a tad longer than that!
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End of tour.

Hopefully you would have enjoyed the event. If you did, then tell your friends. If you didn't, then tell me - that way I can make some improvements for next time :)

Arrive home safely!