Brewtown headquarters

Starting at midday (ish)

Fine dining and great ales (and gin also so I'm told). What more could we ask for beyond a packed afternoon touring Boneface, Panhead and Kuku? This is an invitation-only event starting at midday with Boneface our first port of call, followed by Panhead and Kuku. Just beware that Panhead's kitchen is minute and ...

Fortune Favours beer & cheese platter

Beer and Cheese evening scheduled for next Thursday 20th June 2019... Hi all

We're off to Fortune Favours to sample their fine ales and cheese platters. Check out the details here. Hope to see you there :)

Finally, we're proud to announce our new-look website. Take a moment to browse, and by all means post some feedback on the community board

Over time we'll be updating it with a proper membership registration system that will be linked directly into our tours ...